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Non-precious metals.

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Gold - What is GB01/CHF? How does a metal account work?

I opened a metal account (in German they call it Metallkonto, I hope to translation is correct). In the Web interface of the bank I see almost no info (no price, no profit or loss in percent). The ...
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When commodity prices rise, do commodity production companies produce lower returns than the commodities?

Suppose I alone know that the price of a commodity will double next month, and will then stay at that level for years. There are two simple ways I could exploit this knowledge: Buy the physical ...
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What is the minimum amount of money that is needed to start trading in the London Metal Exchange?

How much money is needed to start trading in the London Metal Exchange (LME)? I am interested in investing in cobalt, lithium, and nickel.
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What are the ways to invest in cobalt, lithium, and nickel?

How to invest in metals like cobalt, lithium, and nickel? I am not interested in investing in firms that are mining them but in investing in metals directly (via futures or other instruments). ...
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Would investing in commodities help me build my home?

I am from India and I plan to build a new own home next year. The present price of steel is lower than in past years. Is it worthwhile to buy steel from commodity exchanges now and then switch to ...
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Metal price web site with silver animal on it? [closed]

I remember there is (or was) a web site about mining and metals and had trading prices for all the metals, including base metals. The site had a what looked a steel bear or lion on it as a symbol. ...
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Should I stockpile nickels?

As the US dollar continues to be devauled the metal content value of US coins will eventually be worth more than the face value of the coins. There use to be silver in US coins but due to the ...
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