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I see StackEchange as everything but a welcoming community. Too many people here who likes to mock other people, harsh comments, downvoting as a sport, marking questions duplicate without reading or trying to understand what the person is really asking. A lot of people doesn't like to help other, but seems to be here to collect reputation points. Downvoting, downvoting, downvoting, and closing questions... If you are a beginner in a topic, how to avoid asking noob questions? I wonder!!! This reputation point system prevents people to be more friendly. Neutrality is a lie.

The reason I still use it is that it teach me many things, because a lot of rude people, but some very specialized persons can be found here, and there's a lot to learn. It's the (very) positive side. There are some hidden treasures to learn many new things! I learned a lot.

If the community (in general) was not so hostile, with a negative state of mind, it would be the perfect site.

My English is not always perfect, but I try. :kof:

I'm almost a polyglot able to read and write in 6 languages now, maybe a real polyglot later. I hope so, and I'm working on it.

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