I worked full-time for Company A from 01-01-14 to 03-14-14. I still work for Company A as an hourly, unbenefitted employee. I started full-time with Company B on 03-24-14. The insurance coverage for the two did not overlap. I had originally elected to put $800 into my FSA with Company A at the beginning of the year. While the insurance considered a job change as a change in life event, I am still being charged for the FSA account every time I work a day with Company A. I have $502.61 remaining in this FSA from Company A. Since I am still contributing to Company A's FSA (against my will), can I use the remaining $502.61 for expenses occurred when using Company B's insurance?


Yes, you may use the Feb for any eligible health care expense even if you have insurance with company B. The only possible issue is if you have a High Deductible Health Plan and Health Savings Account. You can't contribute to an HSA if you have a regular FSA. But you maybe able to switch to a limited FSA which allows reimbursement for dental and vision only. It's a little complicated but HR should be able to help.


Yes, you can. Even if you end up not contributing the full $800.

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