I live in the UK but have some old share certificates registered with the company registrar in the US (the EQShareownerOnline site).

I want to convert them to DRS (Direct Registration System) registration, and to do this I need to send the share certificates in (more info on this under the DRS and transfer topics in the FAQ at https://www.shareowneronline.com/help/ ).

The thing I am unclear about is the details of posting some potentially valuable paperwork internationally:

  • Do I need to fill out a customs label? The Post Office's information at https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mail/customs-forms says "Letters and large letters containing only correspondence, commercial invoices or shipping documents do not require a customs declaration" but its not clear to me whether this qualifies as simply "correspondence".

  • While the value of the shares represented by the certificates is several thousand dollars, the "replacement cost " EQShareownerOnline recommends to insure them for (4%) is conveniently just below the £250 limit that RoyalMail's "International Tracked" covers. That might also mean that, if a customs label is required, the CN22 one can be used ("items worth up to £270"). But if one is required, what should I actually write on it? "Documents with a replacement value of £250" or something like that perhaps?

Here's the CN22 form, just for completeness:

enter image description here

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    purely FTR, I've done this a number of times, and certainly never added a customs declaration. Dunno if it helps ...
    – Fattie
    Jan 27, 2021 at 15:56

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I posted them, and the person behind the post office counter didn't think a customs declaration was required so they were sent without one.

(I'll mark this answer as accepted this if/when they arrive at their destination without any issues. But if, in the meanwhile, anyone can link a more authoritative source than what's basically anecdotal evidence then I'd accept that instead.)

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