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28 votes

Why would a loan company deposit a small amount into my account and require I send it back?

19 votes

If a broad long-term investment in the stock market is such a good deal, why don't banks do the "obvious" things?

6 votes

Where does the value of money go during inflation?

5 votes

What can I do when a vendor will only refund to the same card I used if I have cancelled that card?

4 votes

Why do stock exchanges have minimum share price requirements?

3 votes

Why aren't non-dividend stocks ponzi assets?

3 votes

When a journalist writes "shareholders wiped out" what does this actually mean?

2 votes

Is it possible to violate SEC rules within a retail brokerage account?

1 vote

Does an IPO mean a company is going public or is already public?

1 vote

Why is the price of Berkshire Hathaway B class shares proportional to the face value and not the voting rights?

0 votes

Does the assumption that all known facts are already priced into the share price assume that most participants of the stock market are well-informed?

0 votes

Does it make sense to repeatedly increase your limit order price in small increments until your order fills?

-1 votes

How could an amateur investor make money off of a market crash?