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42 votes

What is the cost of health care in the US?

18 votes

Does the stock market fall faster than it rises?

17 votes

In what way does technical analysis involve astrology and reading tea leaves?

13 votes

Why would collateral be required to make a stock purchase?

10 votes

A stranger requests to buy eBay item in installments

8 votes

If a bank fails, will debt be wiped out?

8 votes

How does a bank lend your money while you have constant access to it?

5 votes

Applying for FHA mortgage when living together but only one will be on the mortgage, no savings

5 votes

Possible executive assistant job scam

3 votes

Can a used car dealership switch the price I saw online vs going in and getting a different price?

3 votes

Should I invest in an international company if it is being traded in just one stock exchange market?

2 votes

Selling a House Upfront Or Collecting An Income Over Time?

2 votes

What does Benjamin Graham mean by "Those who speculate make money for their brokers"?

1 vote

What can I actually do with a high credit score?

-1 votes

If informal debt agreements ( e.g. IOUs ) aren't legally enforcable, how are they useful? When should you use a loan agreement instead?

-2 votes

Why aren't non-dividend stocks ponzi assets?