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Fabian Röling
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I update all gamingSE posts ≥2 to MC 1.x.0. Currently busy, will catch up later.

My best posts

IDs for links

Thinking outside the blox
Crash game for time travel! 2kKlXYj
Death loop: 2mjqbXp
Boom! Awake! 2mcEv3H
Do you exist? 2mh5V8L
Hidden messages: 2kN5Ed8
Abuse gamerule for logging: 2kniyi4
Of cake and integrals: 2miBdw1 (2. answer better)
Execute them! 2kdEVpU
Group NBT tags: 2mfFss5
# of items, not item entities: 2kgc700
From score to hearts: 2kniaQE
Backwards filter: 2kNfr2T

I put in effort, so you don't have to
Kill all the mobs! 2kN5Kl0
Break all the blocks! 2kNbcV3
Place on all the blocks! 34cMajC
Rotate in all the directions! 2lSk1x5

Being thorough
Warning about 1.13+: 2mfFBvD (especially comments)
Most unlikely snowman: 2khBZIT
When water isn't water: 2kB8NwS
Ghast-safe blocks in Nether: 2shMX5d
What counts as kill? 2lRuqJo
How many recipes possible? 2lWu5Fa
Pushable comparator input: 2kLVWrE
Who shot it? 2mbkpa3
Keep furnace busy: 2lWu8Rm

data modify: 2kljdR5
Default NBT types: 2lUzFZ2
NBT in JSON: 2kB92bg
All about languages: 2QnHhyD
hoverEvent show_item: 2mjmBwx
Mob farms high or low? 2kycVO9
Light: 2lVaMvY
Fastest arrow: 2khCoen
Flight acceleration: 2klj00f
Pickaxe-resistant blocks: 2kluK2M
Silence! 2mdQ0rG
Lightning inside: 2lPUnJo

Evil redstone: 3dkFmVn
Fibonacci: 2lQkzDG
Dynamically sized array: 3a1R4mv
Swap wires vertically: 2mbkrPd (5 answers)
Raycasting: 2t3mWab
Detect rectangles: 2mhDc3I
One-commands: 3eC2XlL
Binary search: 3aSUVCd
Block check optimisation: 2yfTjVm
Many pulses: 2O71I2j
Shoot TNT from your face! 2kLgqAM
Shoot arrows from your face… in multiplayer! 2kNRGYH
Modded item sorter: 2miBPBP
Ridden by who? 2sFCb91
TP to any coordinates with /trigger: 2miBRcV
Signal halver: 2kNRN6z
XP halver: 2kKmERp
Cycling through 4 outputs: 2lRuJUy
Veinminer concept 2lRuKYC and implementation 2w93Ild

Auto-upload files to Telegram: 2kmH4jk
Auto-move items in Minecraft chests: 2kincxE

Far future CMB: 2kmH8j4
CP violation: 2lWcpcN
Random maximum: 2kLWb62
TinyTask for Linux: 2lPp0ic
Video editor for Linux: 2lWuZl2
Auto-create Takeouts: 2lWuZBy
Custom Notepad++ menu: 2mizoPG
Combine lists better: 2kivgP3
Watched&ignored tags: 2mhDk3c
Tag&question edits: 2kKFtnz
Hold mails if question in review: 2mhDl7g

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