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324 votes

My friend wants to put my name down for a house he's buying. What risks would I be taking?

100 votes

Sales company wants me to add an affiliate account to my personal bank account — are they trying to scam me?

99 votes

1 year old car is dead, called the car dealer they can fix it only if I can bring it, what should I do?

68 votes

How does this WhatsApp scam work?

66 votes

Sugar daddy prepaid card scam

65 votes

I believe this to be fraud — hired, then asked to cash check and send cash as Bitcoin

64 votes

How do people know if there are sufficient funds available when accepting payment by check?

62 votes

Sold item on eBay, buyer wants it to be delivered to another country, and pay by bank transfer

61 votes

Money transfer scam

60 votes

How can I finance a car at 17 years old with no credit or co-signer?

53 votes

Letting Agent proposes relative to rent my house

53 votes

Do I have rights to money that was intentionally deposited in my bank acct

48 votes

How to manage monthly salary

48 votes

Funds deposited in my bank account. Account closed for suspicious activity. Is this a scam?

45 votes

Received a package but didn't order it

44 votes

Are cosigner finder websites like, etc. legit?

43 votes

What are the tax implications of being paid for work in company shares?

42 votes

Destroying Checks Scam?

40 votes

Sell stocks or borrow money from a friend to pay my credit card bill?

27 votes

What's the incentive for an at-fault driver to respond to a third-party claim?

22 votes

Is the UK 'Cycle to Work' scheme worthwhile?

21 votes

Is it standard practise for rent to increase in line with the RPI?

21 votes

I'm 29, single, and healthy. Do I need life insurance?

21 votes

Do stolen share certificates belong to the thief?

18 votes

To what extent is it worthwhile to report check fraud / refund scams?

17 votes

Does it make sense to get a second mortgage on a second property for Buy to Let

17 votes

I think I got scammed by sugar daddy

16 votes

Check a bank legitimate

15 votes

Someone wants to wire money to me as a gift to avoid taxes — is this a scam?

15 votes

He will give money

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