"If you can't explain the reasoning for your answer simply, you don't understand the subject well enough." (?)

When do posts deserve a down vote?

  • You're trying to pass on bad habits by answering without understanding.
  • You're teaching someone to write an Android 'App' as only a Webview website wrapper.
  • You are a Plagiarist. If you plagiarise an answer I will flag it and link to the original. It's disgusting behaviour.
  • You wait and then repost an existing answer with added screenshots. This is still a form of plagiarism
  • You are lazy and write like "u, r, dude, depracted". You're asking for help - show some respect.
  • You guess at an answer which could never possibly be appropriate (like wrapping a string in String.valueOf(string) to fix an invalid index error (I've seen this))
  • You open bounties but fail to award them despite at least one working answer (especially if you then continue to ask the answer author for help)
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