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I am an EU resident being contacted about stock I own in a defunct company by a supposedly US based lawyer, is this a scam?
38 votes

Definitely a scam. Some warning signs in the email: Please find attached the documents pertaining to the investment that you made in XXX Investment currently known as XXIT (XXX XXX Investment Trust)...

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What is the correct answer for percent change when the start amount is zero dollars $0?
6 votes

In general, when dealing with quantities like net income that are not restricted to being positive, "percentage change" is a problematic measure. Even with small positive values it can be difficult to ...

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A man on a work project in West Africa asks me for 2000 - is this a scam?
4 votes

A man that I met on Facebook was called to do a job in West Africa. He got there and found out that there is a problem with his Swiss bank account. He needs 2000 to finish the job so he can come ...

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Why do some investment firms publish their market predictions?
0 votes

Leaving aside the question of how accurate these predictions are, since that's already been discussed in other answers: prediction is only half the picture. A large part of investment is figuring out ...

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