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Why is silver so volatile compared to the S&P 500?
5 votes

The S&P 500 represents a broadly diversified basket of stocks. Silver is a single metal. If all else is equal, more diversification means less volatility. A better comparison would be the S&...

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Paying Off Principal of Home vs. Investing In Mutual Fund
4 votes

Paying off the debt is low-risk, low-reward. You're effectively guaranteed a 4% return. If you buy a mutual fund, you're going to have to take some risk to have a decent chance of getting better ...

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What is a good asset allocation for a 25 year old?
2 votes

First, I'd recommend that you separate "short-term" assets from "long-term" assets in your head. Short-term assets are earmarked for spending on something specific in the near future or are part of ...

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How to make money from a downward European market?
1 votes

Trying to make money on something going down is inherently more complicated, risky and speculative than making money on it going up. Selling short allows for unlimited losses. Put options expire and ...

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Is there a general guideline for what percentage of a portfolio should be in gold?
1 votes

Gold's valuation is so stratospheric right now that I wonder if negative numbers (as in, you should short it) are acceptable in the short run. In the long run I'd say the answer is zero. The problem ...

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