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261 votes

By 18 years of age, I want a brand new car that's $43,668

197 votes

I received $1000 and was asked to send it back. How was this scam meant to work?

182 votes

My friend cosigned for a defaulted loan. Should he declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

152 votes

I co-signed on an apartment for a now ex-boyfriend who refuses to pay. What can I do?

121 votes

I have 9,000 cash. What debt should I pay first?

119 votes

Is this projected return from Wealthify too low?

103 votes

How much money should I save in order to generate $1000/month for the rest of my life?

80 votes

Is there a way to transfer $100 into a family member's US bank account on a daily basis?

80 votes

Received a package but didn't order it

76 votes

What do I do if my income is just a little too high for "free file"?

70 votes

Do I have to pay income tax if I don't get paid in USD?

63 votes

My mother co-signed for my car. Can she take it away from me if I am the one making car payments?

62 votes

Should I take out a loan to pay off a relative's credit card debt?

61 votes

How can I prepare for my US student debt?

61 votes

Found a heap of BTC but have no documentation. What do I do?

61 votes

Why is my bank unable to track a direct transfer I made to another (fraudulent) account?

59 votes

Selling online - Is private transportation indicative of a scam? Does PayPal make it safe?

59 votes

Making $100,000 USD per month, no idea what to do with it

58 votes

Have I saved too much for retirement so far?

57 votes

Parent asking for money after I moved out

55 votes

If you're loaning yourself a mortgage, why must you pay interest? At the bank's posted rate?

54 votes

How hard is it to sell a home which is currently mortgaged?

53 votes

How do I go about finding an honest & ethical financial advisor?

52 votes

How does paying off the mortgage work if I demolish a home and rebuild another home on the property?

50 votes

What should I do if I lost money in a scam?

50 votes

How were US credit cards verified in-store in the 1980s?

48 votes

Is becoming an Amazon seller profitable? Is it worth paying for a course?

47 votes

What to do if I can't trust myself with monthly wages?

47 votes

Accidentally cashed a check twice

45 votes

What options do I have at 26 years old, with 1.2 million USD?

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