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Is candlestick charting an effective trading tool in timing the markets?
23 votes

I am strongly skeptical of this. In fact, after reading your question, I did the following: I wrote a little program in python that "simulates" a stock by flipping a coin. Each time the coin comes ...

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Does doing your "research"/"homework" on stocks make any sense?
12 votes

"Doing your homework" means to perform what's more accurately called "fundamental analysis". According to proponents of fundamental analysis (FA), it is possible to accurately determine how much a ...

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Why are taxes on actively managed funds higher than those on index funds?
8 votes

This depends on the particular index, of course. Capital gains taxes occur when stock is sold (for a profit). This occurs less frequently in an index fund: Where an active manager frequently buys and ...

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Why are some countries' currencies "weaker"?
7 votes

The answer from littleadv perfectly explains that the mere exchange ratio doesn't say anything. Still it might be worth adding why some currencies are "weak" and some "strong". Here's the reason: To ...

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Why are prices in EUR for consumer items often the same number as original USD price, but the GBP price applies the actual exchange rate?
Accepted answer
5 votes

The simplest answer would be: Because they can. Why charge less for something if people will pay more? One example are Apple products. While there the price number is not exactly the same in EUR and ...

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What are the best tips for saving money as a university student?
3 votes

Hm, surprised nobody has mentioned tech gadgets yet. I'm surprised how many undergrads run around with the latest iPhone, iPad, MacBook, of course all with unlimited data etc. There's just no ...

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Safe method of paying for a Gym Membership?
3 votes

Quite often the local university has decent gym facilities with super-competitive rates, even if you are not a student there, and you can usually join for a single term and pay by cash. They lack some ...

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