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Getting $10,000 and have $16,000 balance on two credit cards - How to allocate payments?
13 votes

The best approach depends on how much of an emergency fund you have. If you have no emergency fund Calculate how much you need in order to pay your expenses for 1 month and put at least that amount ...

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How to manage expenditure when billing cycles and paycheck cycles are not aligned?
2 votes

I went through a similar transition when I started my current job, going from a biweekly to a monthly paycheck. My emergency fund at the time was plenty to cover a month's worth of bills, so it didn'...

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Reporting income when no 1099 form was issued
0 votes

You'll file one of the 1040 forms (1040EZ, 1040A, or just 1040) for your tax return, depending on the other details of your You can file a Form 4852 as a replacement for the W-2. For a paid ...

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