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1 vote

Accountant won't send an invoice without a PO

1 vote

Former employer deposited money in my 401K by accident

4 votes

Why is the "buy vs rent" debate framed in terms of "buy a house vs. rent an apartment"?

0 votes

cashier check deposited and available on my account

3 votes

ADP didn't withhold any county tax and I had to pay at the end of the year

1 vote

Paid off a US Bank credit card, but they sent two withdrawals - bank account overdrawn

22 votes

When buying a house in California, can you amend the contract after signing it?

4 votes

Going house hunting next week and my credit score just dropped by 100+ points

67 votes

How can I remove my name from a car loan?

2 votes

Can we walk away from Lease if one of the member is still staying

1 vote

Can I keep my HSA if I get on husband's insurance?

15 votes

Why do financial institutions charge so much to convert currency?