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Deducting charitable donations under new U.S. tax law
15 votes

A donor advised charity fund can allow you to set aside several years worth of charity and then give donations whenever you wish. For example you can put 40-60k in the fund during a single tax year ...

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Hobby vs. Business
3 votes

You can list it as other income reported on line 21 of form 1040. In TurboTax, enter at: - Federal Taxes tab (Personal in Home & Business) - Wages & Income -“I’ll choose what I work on” ...

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Do I need to use all of my credit cards, especially the oldest, every month to build credit?
0 votes

You should never close a credit card account unless it has an annual fee or you are overspending on it. Open lines of credit - even un-utilized ones - have a positive effect on your credit score. ...

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Do you have to pay if you don't use a credit card with no annual fee?
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If the card has no annual fee, you can keep it for as long as you like and you will never get charged. I advise you to GoPaperless so you stop getting the $0 bills every month. Many cards have the ...

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