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62 votes

Bill payee can't find my payment and threatens debt recovery action

38 votes

How do I find a financial advisor that doesn't recommend investments?

37 votes

How to safely destroy (a large quantity of) valid checks?

31 votes

Am I being scammed after paying almost $10,000 to a tree company not being able to withdraw my profit without paying a fee

27 votes

Is there a fee to be paid to reactivate a bank account of an American citizen?

20 votes

I cosigned for a friend who is not paying the payment

10 votes

Should I use a credit repair agency?

8 votes

Can my sibling double his portion of our inherited property by buying us out and then selling?

5 votes

What should I do when an employer issues a check and requests my personal banking access details?

2 votes

Losing equity if my work is used for a new company

2 votes

Why do people invest in the stock market when it is forecast that a drop should occur?

1 vote

Are there any financial disadvantages to living significantly "below your means"?

-1 votes

If a company that doesn't pay dividends makes a large profit, where does it go?

-5 votes

My company is suspending its 401K match; what is the best thing to do with my money?