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135 votes

When selling stocks at a stop-loss price during a crash, who do I actually sell them to?

115 votes

Why is a friend asking me to make multiple Money Gram transfers in my name using his money?

106 votes

How to prove that invoices are really unpaid?

103 votes

Is it a lie that you can easily make money passively in the stock market?

81 votes

Why do financial institutions charge so much to convert currency?

77 votes

Is it possible to get reverse life insurance?

61 votes

Has any country exempted their citizens/residents from the US citizenship-based taxation?

58 votes

Why does my car loan interest go up despite making payments on-time?

54 votes

Transferring balances left over prepaid credit cards

53 votes

My father has passed away and I want to buy his home

43 votes

What prevents people from using cash back credit cards to generate a revenue stream?

41 votes

Should I buy stocks of my current employer because of its high dividend yield?

37 votes

is it ok to withdraw the money that a scammer put into your account that you "won" to save for yourself and then tell the bank you were scammed?

32 votes

What are the risks of using money sent to you by a scammer, once the transaction is irreversible

31 votes

Why didn't the balance go down on the student loan after a big check?

29 votes

When is it better to move - before or after a housing bubble bursts?

26 votes

Offered money to buy a house, seller is asking for more to cover gap between their listing and mortgage owed

25 votes

Credit card replaced due to fraud, new card has exactly the same information as the old one. How does this address the fraud risk?

24 votes

Would I ever need credit card if my debit card is issued by MasterCard/Visa?

23 votes

Was this a good deal on a mortgage?

23 votes

Typical discount for cash purchase on $1+ million homes?

22 votes

Why does Charles Schwab have a Mandatory Settlement Period after selling stocks?

20 votes

Should a nonresident US citizen get SSN

20 votes

What is the cost of health care in the US?

20 votes

How much money do I need to retire?

19 votes

How does the math work when buying airline miles?

19 votes

Is my stock gone forever from a reverse split / bought by another company?

18 votes

Are Index Funds really as good as "experts" claim?

18 votes

Can you explain why these items are considered negatives on my credit report?

18 votes

How to balance paying off student loans with 401k contributions when employer matches 100%, up to federal maximum?

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