Rob Norback

I've started my newest adventure at Chime Bank.

Previously, I was with AdHawk from pre-seed to profitable and I loved the ride. I helped build their iOS App, "The Gem" according to the sales team, from the ground up.

Helping build a successful business from the ground up has been a dream turned reality for me. I love building engaging user experiences on iOS. The latest in iOS technologies and techniques is where I shine. Swift, MVVM, and RxSwift are where I spend my everyday.

I'm constantly looking to push myself and grow as a developer and as a person. To help keep my skills razor sharp (and just have some fun) I built OpenBox (https://github.com/Rnorback/OpenBox), a clone of my favorite iOS game that let's me touch more of Apple's SDKs.

I'm a avid supporter of 80,000 hours and effective altruism. I earn to give.