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Going to get married soon, should I do it on Dec 31 or Jan 1?
8 votes

Having just done this, the tax benefits are minimal. We got married in December (to fit our schedules, not taxes), and have a big gap in salaries. I think we got around an additional 2-3% of our ...

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Would it make sense to take a loan from a relative to pay off student loans?
6 votes

I have recently been the lender to a couple people. It was substantially less money (~$3k), but I was trusting their good faith to pay me back. As a lender, I will never do it again. Reasons, Even ...

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Working remotely and live in 6 countries annually - where will I pay my tax
2 votes

I am not an accountant, but from what I understand you need to look at tax residency rules for each of those countries in addition to your home country. For example, if you are a US citizen and ...

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How does a US citizen residing in the US file taxes for earnings in an Estonian Company?
1 votes

From the 1040 Abroad, there is a discussion on managing a Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) as a US Citizen, One-time Mandatory Repatriation of Funds. Current undistributed retained earnings are ...

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Taxation on money earned working remotely for a US company while living as an expat
1 votes

The IRS has spoken (IRS Pub. 54 2017), 4) My wife and I are both employed, reside together, and file a joint return. We meet the qualifications for claiming the foreign earned income exclusion. ...

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