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306 votes

Is it a scam if the person only wants to deposit into my account, not make a withdrawal?

258 votes

I received $1000 and was asked to send it back. How was this scam meant to work?

203 votes

Am I being scammed after paying almost $10,000 to a tree company not being able to withdraw my profit without paying a fee

117 votes

I wrote a check with an unambiguous but casual written amount - why did the recipient's bank reject it for "invalid written amount"?

102 votes

Does a company have to have your login information to verify your identity?

91 votes

Pay online: credit card or debit card?

82 votes

I am considering leasing a new car for my ex-wife. What can go wrong?

72 votes

I am in a sugar daddy scam and he is threatening me because I want out. What do I do?

70 votes

How does this scam work where a potential employer emails me the scan of a check to deposit?

65 votes

Recipient claims cashier's check won't clear

64 votes

How can I deal with a legitimate check received that is made out to my deceased wife's name?

62 votes

A stranger messaged someone I know via an online listing and gave them their credit card details and encouraged them to use it. Is there a scam here?

61 votes

Paying $185k back rent to sister - can I claim in taxes?

60 votes

Why would the Bank not withdraw all of the money for the check amount I wrote?

58 votes

Where can I report a cryptocurrency fraud?

56 votes

Why are businesses allowed to deduct expenses from their income, while individuals generally cannot?

54 votes

If you cut dollar bills in half and then put them back together, are they still valid?

53 votes

Is Elon Musk really exploiting a loophole to avoid taxes?

53 votes

Is there a way to bypass POS Credit Card processing fees?

51 votes

Getting paid to like Instagram's posts? Scam?

49 votes

What do the numbers on my credit/debit card mean?

48 votes

Buying shares in a company after you quit

48 votes

Is providing the name of the bank I bank with necessary when creating a check that's sent via email or am I at a risk of being scammed?

48 votes

Do I have to pay short-term capital gains tax on crypto currency if I only withdraw the principal and not the profits?

47 votes

How can I stop fraudulent recurring credit card transactions being forwarded to a new card?

46 votes

What's the purpose of PayPal?

46 votes

Why do some countries have more than one stock exchange?

46 votes

Why is transferring money online to someone else's bank account so difficult in the U.S.?

45 votes

What does 'mutual' mean in mutual fund?

44 votes

Employer asking to open a business bank account. Is this job a scam or legit?

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