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44 votes

1 year old car is dead, called the car dealer they can fix it only if I can bring it, what should I do?

16 votes

Potential scammer pushing me to click a link and threatens to send the police

8 votes

Is it really risky to make your IBAN public?

7 votes

Undated cheque was given by client but client asks me continually not to deposit it

6 votes

Why would a loan company deposit a small amount into my account and require I send it back?

5 votes

Asked for a Western Union postal deposit receipt before visiting a rental property: is this a scam?

2 votes

What are the benefits of writing a cheque over online banking?

0 votes

Whose responsibility is it to handle an over-tendered tip?

0 votes

How can I pay with my credit card, without disclosing its details to seller who needs them over the phone?

-1 votes

Sales company wants me to add an affiliate account to my personal bank account — are they trying to scam me?

-1 votes

What do the scammers do when they get access to someone's online banking?