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168 votes

Found a heap of BTC but have no documentation. What do I do?

135 votes

Insurance company sent me huge check instead of pharmacy. Now what?

133 votes

Why do credit cards have their number and CVC code printed on them for all to see?

116 votes

Should I take out a loan to pay off a relative's credit card debt?

107 votes

Why does Geico ask me not to reveal the limits of my liability coverage in case of a car accident?

80 votes

Are purchase orders obsolete, or do they have some benefit over credit cards?

76 votes

Why do stock prices of retailers not surge during the holidays?

72 votes

Is purchasing foreign currency before going abroad a losing proposition?

70 votes

Why is auto insurance ridiculously overpriced for those who drive few miles?

66 votes

Is there any way to buy a new car directly from Toyota without going through a dealership?

65 votes

"Marked down as someone wanting to sell shares." What does that mean?

61 votes

Is it possible for me to keep my credit card APR at 0% permanently?

61 votes

Why do I need an emergency fund if I already have investments?

61 votes

Greedy shareholder that does not want to dilute his portion

59 votes

The Benefits/Disadvantages of using a credit card

55 votes

I hate the high taxes in NYC. Should I incorporate in or move to another state?

54 votes

What is the logic behind a 50% of X% 401(k) contribution match?

53 votes

Can I profit from anticipating a drop in value?

51 votes

Are Index Funds really as good as "experts" claim?

50 votes

I believe this to be fraud — hired, then asked to cash check and send cash as Bitcoin

47 votes

What is Cash Advance APR?

44 votes

Is this the proof that Technical Analysis does not work?

43 votes

Why do baby boomers have to sell 5% of their retirement accounts by the end of the year?

42 votes

Can you evade tax by getting employment income just in equity, then using this equity as collateral to take out loan?

39 votes

Why does Charles Schwab have a Mandatory Settlement Period after selling stocks?

38 votes

What are the most common reasons for purchasing Life Insurance?

38 votes

Is life insurance a financially sound safety net?

38 votes

My bank got bought out, am I now going to have to start filing tax returns in a different state?

36 votes

kids pooling money for Lego League and taxes

34 votes

How to sell a car to a private party on payments

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