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119 votes

Are lottery tickets ever a wise investment provided the jackpot is large enough?

95 votes

Why do sellers care about down payments?

85 votes

Is it legal to use cash pulled from a credit card to pay the monthly payment on that credit card?

79 votes

How can I support myself financially as a 17 year old with a loan?

71 votes

How do you safely buy a car that the owner still owes money on?

62 votes

Holding rent money for my friend which amounts to over $10k?

57 votes

I have $3500 in Rollover IRA. Should I withdraw it early and pay off my credit card debt?

53 votes

Why is the car dealer insisting on a loan instead of cash?

52 votes

What is an escrow and how does it work? Practical example

45 votes

Will a credit card issuer cancel an account if it never incurs interest?

43 votes

Dry cleaners lost $160 pants, what should I do?

41 votes

Would switching jobs cause a mortgage to be turned down?

39 votes

Infrequent car rental vs. lease/buy

38 votes

What does a stock's quoted value represent?

34 votes

How much money should I save in order to generate $1000/month for the rest of my life?

33 votes

Who can truly afford luxury cars?

30 votes

How safe is a checking account?

30 votes

Is it typical to start charging HOA fees before a community is fully built?

28 votes

My business partner is unable to work; What should I do?

27 votes

Am I obligated to file through a tax preparer after an unsatisfactory consultation?

26 votes

How do I go about asking landlord to prorate when I can't move in yet?

26 votes

Making $100,000 USD per month, no idea what to do with it

25 votes

5 credit accounts, from $1750 to $4000, all above 90% utilization. Better to pay $500 on all 5, or pay one off completely for credit score?

25 votes

Should I buy or lease a car given that its not a super luxury car and I only drive 15 miles/d on avg?

24 votes

Co-signed a loan and I need to have my name removed

24 votes

What's the logic for the length of service (employment) criteria for mortgage applications?

24 votes

Paid cash for a car, but dealer wants to change price

22 votes

Company stopped paying my salary. What are my options?

21 votes

How to make a decision for used vs new car if I want to keep the car long term?

20 votes

Should you bank with multiple banks? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

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