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304 votes

By 18 years of age, I want a brand new car that's $43,668

175 votes

Someone stated that my uncle died in Canada and there is money for me

158 votes

I was contacted by a private bank overseas to get my inheritance

146 votes

How can I finance a car at 17 years old with no credit or co-signer?

133 votes

50k job is offering 90k worth of shares. Scam?

119 votes

20% monthly mining vs 5% monthly trading

84 votes

Wife is cosigned on a credit card with her parents — real assets are also shared. How to protect my credit?

70 votes

How can I get a refund from a seller who only accepts Zelle?

68 votes

Can a used car dealership switch the price I saw online vs going in and getting a different price?

64 votes

Mother abusing my finances

57 votes

How can I achieve a 13% U.S. Federal tax rate?

44 votes

How far removed from source does one need to be to avoid Insider Trading?

33 votes

How should I handle a request for payment from a bitcoin investment company to recover coins they sent to me that are "stuck in limbo"?

32 votes

Possible executive assistant job scam

28 votes

What return should I require when guaranteeing a loan with my home?

27 votes

What can someone do with a stolen wallet for a few seconds?

26 votes

Received an unexpected cashiers check for over $2K from another state - is this some scam?

25 votes

How can I break the cycle of taking on more debt to pay the rates for debt I already have?

25 votes

How safe is money in the bank?

22 votes

Will a divorce affect my co-signed vehicle?

22 votes

How does a public company issue new shares without diluting the value held by existing shareholders?

22 votes

Who can truly afford luxury cars?

21 votes

I cosigned for my son. He took off in the car before it was fully financed. I want my name completely off the car

21 votes

Military man says he's in Syria he is working for US Army

21 votes

Someone offered tax deductible donation as a payment method for something I am selling. Am I getting scammed?

20 votes

Is exceeding the U.K. Personal Savings Allowance - and being taxed - a bad move?

20 votes

How can I buy things with monthly payments in the US?

18 votes

Do I have to transfer money to a USA bank for the release of a inheritance fund into my bank?

18 votes

If someone deposits money into your account for you to keep can they cause you more money problems off of that or steal more than money from it?

17 votes

I sent money via Western Union for a friend and it has been flagged

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