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Ryan Fisher

A natural problem solver comfortable challenging the status quo in pursuit of better products, team cohesion, and personal development. Consistently recognized by management for ingenuity, process optimization, leadership, and the ability to intuitively spot the strengths and weaknesses of any system.

Experienced in front and backend software development, DevOps and AWS infrastructure, leadership, product management, project management, SaaS services, recurring revenue products, process engineering, agile and scrum, automation/testing/TDD/CI, and requirements development.

What I excel at:

  • Challenge and the unknown, I am a self-starter and very comfortable being thrown into the deep end
  • Working with limited structure and support, I excel early stage and intrapreneur environments
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and rapid learning
  • Having great perspective, I always bring something new to the table
  • Growth, I am always learning and pushing my team to grow