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Chris Hayes
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👨‍💻 Software Engineer - Digital Surgeons
🚀 LOVE space, ai, SpaceX, Formula1, and fantasy novels
🏗️ BUILD websites, web apps, online stores, 3D product configurators, and Electron applications

👨‍💻 Tech I work with:

Web | React/Next, Vue/Nuxt, Tailwind(CSS|UI), Alpine, MUI
E-comm | Shopify, BigCommerce
CMS | WordPress, Craft, StoryBlok
WordPress | Elementor, GeneratePress,
Testing | Puppeteer, (Selenium), Mocha/Chai, RegSuit
WebGL | PlayCanvas3D, THREE.JS, Babylon.JS

PFP generated with Stable Diffusion AI

🏫 History with programming

2008 - 2015 | Middle School, High School

  • C++ - Followed Bucky's tutorials on
  • Java - Followed Liang's Comprehensive Java textbook; Built 2d mitosis sim for Biology final project
  • VB.NET - Built MSPaint clone
  • Lua - Learned to build virtual carts on PICO-8; Built Tetris clone

2015 - 2019 | College

  • Learned Node+web outside school; Built Cubefield clone, HTML versions of Portal 1 and Portal 2 credits
  • For undergrad research: Development cluster compute software for atmospheric modeling: sim 3d visualizer
  • 2018 Connecticut Tech Challenge: Placed 1st at college qualifier, school team then placed 2nd at the state finals

2017 - 2019 | Scroll Network

2019 - 2021 | Reality Interactive

2021 - | Digital Surgeons

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