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Is it legal if I'm managing my family's entire wealth?
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My answer is with respect to the United States. I have no idea about India's regulatory environment. Don't take custody of the assets You are opening yourself up to massive liabilities and problems ...

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How to prevent myself from buying things I don't want
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How to prevent myself from buying things I don't want We all buy stuff from time to time that only satisfies us for a short time. I was able to locate a few expenses that fall under that category....

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What warnings would you tell a friend about to enter a multi-level marketing (MLM) business venture?
17 votes

Before I answer, you should know a few things about me. I've paid to get into a couple of Network-Marketing/Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) franchises, and I made a little money in it. I have worked in ...

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Is insurance worth it if you can afford to replace the item? If not, when is it?
6 votes

Academic and generalized answer (see last section for final answer): Insurance is for events that are both Unexpected and Catastrophic Unexpected and Catastrophic Examples: Unexpected and, for ...

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Does living in a lower cost area inhibit where one can live later in life?
1 votes

What you are saying is that all else being equal, one should be able to save more in a city with higher salaries and commensurate costs of living than in a city with lower salaries and costs of living....

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