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David Thielen
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I have a wonderful wife, 3 terrific daughters, and a great dog. In my spare time I read history and travel a little.

I was CEO & founder at Windward Studios (sold it in 2021)

I've written operating systems (including on the Win95 team at Microsoft), games (including Enemy Nations), applications, firmware, and enterprise server systems.

During the 17 years at Windward I was in both the Java and .NET world, mostly server side for Java, and both apps (Office AddIns) and server for C#. And for the last 3 years JavaScript/TypeScript also.

Post Windward, for the last year, I'm writing a Blazor (server side) web app - and having to learn all the new technology (Blazor, Entity Framework, Bing Maps, I&A services, etc.) as well as all the changes in the tech I've used before but mostly forgotten.

I've written a couple of books (including I Don't Know What I'm Doing) and numerous magazine articles.

My LLC is Tradewinds Studios and email is [email protected] if you need to contact me.

Updated March 2024

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