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Health insurance lapsed due to employer fraud. How to get medications while in transition?
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Your doctor may also have free samples available. You could call, explain your situtation and ask to see if they have any free samples.

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What is the incentive for a bank to refinance a mortgage at a lower rate?
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In a lot of cases, the bank has already made their money. Shortly after you get your mortgage is sold to investors though the bank is still servicing it for a fee. Therefore, if you refinance, they ...

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Can I refinance a rental property that is currently only 75% loan to value?
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I have been shopping around for a refi on my rental property. All of the programs are 75% LTV that I have found. This appears to be the new reality that we are in. Therefore, you won't be able to get ...

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Looking to buy a house in 1-2 years. Does starting a Roth IRA now make sense?
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With a Roth IRA, you can withdraw the contributions at any time without penalty as long as you don't withdraw the earnings/interest. There are some circumstances where you can withdraw the earnings ...

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