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Debt sold after 5 years in collections
Accepted answer
6 votes

Debt being sold to another third party doesn't restart the collection window. The information being reported on your credit report is incorrect. The statute of limitations begins from the date of ...

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How to get rid of someone else's debt collector?
2 votes

Suing is a legitimate option as well as screening your calls but here's another idea which has personally worked and relates to the collections I did for awhile. Talk with the collector. Outstanding ...

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Building Credit with Credit Card
0 votes

There are a lot of different tips and techniques to raise your credit score but some of the most common, and applicable to your question, are credit mix, consistent payments and debt utilization. ...

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Mortgage Due Date versus Late Payment Penalty - Can the loan company call me daily?
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A couple of important points to make. First - It is not exactly accurate that 1st party collectors "are not restricted by the FDCPA." From a March 2013 CFPB report (PDF) regarding 1st party ...

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