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For legal questions relating to personal finance. Note that Stack Exchange does *not* provide legal advice; for questions with potentially serious legal ramifications, consult a lawyer specializing in…
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Compound interest is the result of reinvesting interest so that interest in the next period is then earned on the principal sum plus previously accumulated interest.
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The cost of a good or service.
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For questions relating to rollovers of 401K's, IRA's, HSA's, etc.
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for questions that relate to the laws, practices, and products in the state of New York.
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Questions around financial laws and legal systems.
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to be used for any question related to financial markets including share/securities markets, money markets, foreign exchange markets, commodities markets, bond markets, etc.
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This is a metric for tracking a collection of securities. For example, among US stocks, a commonly referenced index is the S&P 500. An index may be price-weighted, market-capitalization weighted or …
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For questions relating to paying in cash, cash deposits, accepting cash, cash on financial statements, etc.
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A specific retirement plan in US. Related US specific retirement plan tags "Roth IRA" and "401K"
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for questions that relate to government bonds. It is recommend you use a country tag or state what country you are referring to. A government bond is a bond issued by a national government, generally …
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To be used for questions related to trades squared off the same day and do not involved deliveries. Typically used in the context of Stocks trading, can be used for Options or other trades. Related ta…
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The act of paying off debts (either partially or completely). One may do this to lower or eliminate a monthly payment and regain control of one's personal finances. There are different ways to do th…
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related to automobile insurance. There is also a generic insurance tag.
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For questions relating to the IRS tax form-1099. This does not include questions relating specifically to tax forms 1099-MISC or 1099-DIV, which have their own tags. This form is used to report the va…
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to be used for questions related to life insurance.
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for questions specifically related to savings account. There is a general tag for "bank-account". Related tags "checking-account"
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generic tag for questions related to small business. Related tags corporation, limited-liability-company, s-corporation, limited-partnership, sole-proprietorship can be used as appropriate.
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For questions related to health care costs and paying for them. A country tag is almost always important to add alongside this tag.
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related to the practice, at times required by law, of deducting money upfront before paying the balance. Generally used in the context of taxes.
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A wash sale is a sale of a security at a loss and repurchasing the same or substantially identical stock shortly before or after with the intention of realizing the loss as a claimable tax deduction b…
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For questions relating to Vanguard mutual funds, ETF's, IRA's, and other financial products.
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to be used for any presonal finance question related to employment. Related tags are "Self-employment, unemployment, employment-law
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S-Corporation (S-Corp) is a type of Corporation in the United States that has a preferential tax treatment under the Sub-chapter S of the Internal Revenue Code. Corporations (and limited liability com…
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A type of bank account that allows unlimited withdrawals and usually gives no interest on the balance. The account can be set up so that a negative balance produces an instant loan, referred to as Ove…
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In options trading, the option holder has the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying instrument at a specified price on or before a specified date in the future. Exercise means to …
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a generic tag related to spending. To be used along with other related tags like accounting etc
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"Security" as in "how can I rely on the security of this transaction?" For questions regarding tradable assets, the tag "securities" should be used.
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A margin account is an account offered by brokerages that allows investors to borrow money to buy securities. An investor might put down 50% of the value of a purchase and borrow the rest from the bro…
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relating to organizations or individuals running out of cash flows. Additional context specific tags may be used as appropriate.
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To be used for questions related to income received from outside the country in which you reside or claim as a primary residence for tax purposes
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related to depositing cash or check into a Bank Account or in general deposits kept for various purposes like securing a rental property etc. Additional context specific tags like bank-account, rental…
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A capital loss is the loss incurred when a capital asset decreases in value. This loss is not realized until the asset is sold for a price that is lower than the original purchase price.
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To be used for general economics questions that are in some way related to personal finance, the subject of this site. Avoid asking questions that are speculative in nature, academic, or unrelated to …
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