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Be careful of keeping your money in a bank in the foreign country. If the country is risky the banks could go under or even communists could come to power and seize your money. There is also currency risk ( local currency could be devalued )


Some thoughts that came into my mind when reading your post - hopefully, some of them are beneficial to you; First of all, compared to others who start into their career and might plan to go abroad you have a more solid financial background - e.g. you have an 80k loan but a house, while others have no house but a student loan. So, that's definitely an ...


Your current assets are small compared to what you can expect to earn in a lifetime and compared to what you will need for retirement. Fortunately, you are young and have decades more to save. Many people are in something like your situation of starting out, say with a graduate degree, in their late 20s or early 30s, but with no savings at all and perhaps ...


It's something that needs careful planning. Do you know anything whatsoever about the market for your profession in Canada or New Zealand? Any idea how difficult it is to get a work visa? Any idea what happens to your pension rights in the UK? Before I moved, I had six job interviews in my pocket, and one of them turned into a job. So be prepared, and have ...

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