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Can self-employed skip quarterly tax payement if compensated by spouse extra witholding?

If you file jointly, it does not matter where the withholdings or estimated payments come from. When you file, they are counted together to determine if you have over- or under-paid your taxes as a ...
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Question about the specifics of the safe harbor rules for underpayment penalties

For b. does this means line 24 (Total Tax) on my prior year's 1040? For the most part. Form 2210 has slightly different inputs that might result in a different output than line 24, but for most (...
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How to better balance state taxes when working in another state

To increase or decrease the amount being withheld for state taxes because every year you are out of balance, then always go to the state version of the w-4. There are generally worksheets that help ...
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Do employers in CA submit the DE4 form to the state?

According to the CA Code of Regulations Title 22 section 4340-1, the FTB and EDD (Franchise Tax Board and Employment Development Department, respectively) can demand that an employer provide the DE-4 ...
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How to "Withold" Taxes for Single-Member LLC taxed as an S-Corp?

It is a form that needs to be filed. You need to read about forms 940, 941, W2, and W3. There may be additional state and local filing and withholding requirements. Or pay a small fee to a payroll ...
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