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Is it possible to get food stamp or financial assistance for early retirement

You'd need to look into the specific eligibility criteria for each program you're interested in and for the specific state you're in. If you want to receive food stamps in the state of Idaho, for ...
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Can my grandfather receive money in the state of Wisconsin if he's unemployed?

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin, you must have been employed in the base period, which is a year-long period prior to the date you apply for unemployment benefits. Since your ...
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Is $133 USD per month once critical living expenses are covered considered poverty-level living in the USA?

I don't think the calculation makes sense. For example, I live alone in a 105 square meter (1130 square feet) house for which I have to pay rent. Some time ago, I used to live in a 40 square meter ...
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How are fraudulent food stamp redemptions actually turned into cash?

Surely a stripper or drug dealer needs to buy groceries too, but eventually they need to turn that food stamp income into real money. Someone who is going to buy groceries can use the food stamps ...
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How are fraudulent food stamp redemptions actually turned into cash?

Food stamps (now called SNAP) have been replaced by Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) debit cards. SNAP benefits are supposed to be used for uncooked food. Convenience food, gas, cigarettes, and ...
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Separated spouse filed for SNAP benefits as single. Does this affect ability to file taxes jointly?

The IRS isn't going to care how you filed for benefits - they're effectively the high man on the totem pole. The agency that administers the SNAP program is the one who might care. File the 1040 ...
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Claiming UK benefits with a SIPP/ISA

See UC Regs 2013 s46 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/376/part/6/made/data.xht?view=snippet&wrap=true and Schedule 10 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2013/9780111531938/schedule/10 ...
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Who is going to pay for the October furlough (UK) and ~1K/week (USA)?

Governments often have a long term debt, and that can be at very low rates, especially for things like war bonds which are more or less giving money to the government. Pension funds often hold money ...
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Is my mother eligible for SNAP?

If she lives by herself, my guess would be that she qualifies as a household of one. Either way, her monthly income is below the threshold, so she should be eligible. Per the linked website The ...
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How long can I go out-of-state and keep receiving CalFresh (food stamps in California)?

The California Department of Social Services clarified this in a 2015 memo to the county welfare directors (PDF) about residency requirements for the CalFresh program. In the "Out-Of-State" ...
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Is there a list of financial assistance programs in Ontario, for the poor but not disabled?

In Canada and the U.S., you can dial 2-1-1 on your phone to talk to someone about assistance programs. These phones are usually staffed by the United Way. Besides the call-in service, they also ...
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Does receiving Carer's Allowance count towards hours for Working Tax Credits?

I think it's not so much Carer's Allowance counts towards the hours required for Working Tax Credit; instead, it is more that if one person gets Carer's Allowance, it reduces the hours that the other ...
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Is it possible to get food stamp or financial assistance for early retirement

Yes, by engineering your lifestyle and by being honest with your social worker, you can get food stamps with a net worth of $500k in many states [PDF]. Engineer for yourself an income near $0 by ...
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Wife created her own SNAP/EBT (Kentucky) case while on my mother-in-laws case, can this really lead to an investigation?

There could absolutely be an investigation of some sort, but transferring benefits is unlikely to cause a serious investigation on its own No one is ever guaranteed that their case won't be subject to ...
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How do I determine what benefits I could claim?

In the UK, the Government maintains a list of independent benefit calculators that will let you put in the details of your situation and calculate what you can claim. I would suggest calculating this ...
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Is it ok to withdraw from 403b and 401a while collecting unemployment?

There is a concept of a hardship withdrawal from a 401(k). However, even if you have verified hardships (and you need to check the IRS's rules about what counts as a hardship AND you need to check if ...
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