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A refund is not a specific amount each year, it is the amount that you overpaid throughout the year- the sum of amount that was withheld for taxes each paycheck minus the amount that you ultimately are to pay in taxes. It sounds simple, but a lot of people do not understand this- they look at the refund as an expected amount each spring. There were changes ...


This question would be better asked before moving, not after. The Canada Revenue Agency follow a set of rules when they determine if you are a Canadian resident for tax purposes; based on the limited information you provided, you're likely to be subject to Canadian taxes. As for the US tax return, it is just that -- a return of some of the taxes you ...


You should not fill out Form 8843. Form 8843 is for people who were "exempt individuals" (exempt from the Substantial Presence Test) for some part of the year. You were not an exempt individual at any point in the year.

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