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Are long-term capital gains considered for ACA subsidy calculation, even if they are taxed with 0%?

TLDR: LTCG are counted, but neither side of the comparison is quite as you described If your total income is below a certain limit, long-term capital gains are taxed with 0% (again, up to a certain ...
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Best ways to defer investment income to qualify for low-income subsidies?

while I love the question, one has to ask why a sane person would purposefully seek government welfare. Do you think Veterans would chose VA hospitals if they had a choice for medical care, or people ...
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Should a Low Income College Student Buy Insurance Through the Obamacare Marketplace?

Gifts from your parents are not treated as income for tax purposes. You should not include that in your subsidy calculation. If you are here on a student-visa and have been in the US for less than 5 ...
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I have a one-time payment to receive that would take my social security subsidy. What to do?

In more general forms, this is a common issue in most, if not probably all highly industrialised countries (I'm not aware of the situation in less industrialised countries). That is - you, or your ...
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Can ACA subsidy repayment be deducted as medical expenses?

I believe you would have to take the deduction in the 2018 tax year. If you look at Example 1 in the "Premium Tax Credit" section of Publication 502, a person who got the subsidy on health insurance ...
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How to build a credit history, for a 78 year old with none? Turned down for secured card

Try a rental reporting service. These are services that act as an intermediary between the tenant and landlord, and then report payments to credit bureaus. Note that these are reported specifically ...
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What solar panel subsidies does Australia have right now?

The first search on Google: This links to the following:
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