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Par value less than annual dividend for preferred stocks?

It means that if you buy this preferred stock with a par value of $1 you should get a dividend of $7 per year. However, if the company does not do well, your dividend may not be there. Just because it ...
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Is Having a Superior Spot Predictor Sufficient for Making Money in Futures?

I can predict spot direction correctly X% of the time, and the movement is nontrivial, does it follow that X% of my futures trades will win? The futures market is essentially a spot predictor also, ...
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Does a portfolio of low beta stocks, small stocks or value stocks still outperform the market?

The two ideas are not mutually exclusive. I use a mix of a large-cap index fund, a small-to-medium-cap index fund, a bond index fund, an international index fund, and a REIT index fund to achieve a ...
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