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Feasible FIRE setup?

FIRE is largely about how much risk you are willing to accept. The 1st 2 bullet points, to me, are wildly optimistic. The market has always, always had good years and bad years. Just in the last 2 ...
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Getting introduced to the world of trading as a mathematician

The short answer is that a majority of traders lose money and only small portion of the remainder consistently make money. So if you have dreams of pie in the sky easy money, stop now. If you are ...
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Feasible FIRE setup?

~6% Real Rate of Return If there was a way of getting 25% annual return on your money, everyone would do it. There's not. You're going to get something like 10% - which after taxes and inflation is ...
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How to Calculate Future Inflation-Adjusted Investment Balance with Monthly Contributions, Annual Interest, and Fees

The recurrence equation for the monthly balance is a[n + 1] = (a[n] + p) (1 + r) where a[0] = s ∴ a[n] = (-p - p r + p (1 + r)^n + p r (1 + r)^n + r (1 + r)^n s)/r where p is monthly ...
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Why might it be a bad idea to invest 100% of your 401(k) into a stock index fund?

The advantage of being young is not that you can take the "safest" path from the beginning instead of catching it up mid-life, the real advantage is that you have plenty of time to recover ...
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