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Would it be correct to use the formula: FV(20, 12, 1000, -10000) EDIT: both you and I overlooked percentage. The first parameter should be 20% not 20. Yes. (I'd write the formula as -FV(20%/12, 12, 1000, 10000). Mathematically they are identical, and I interpret -10000 as a negative amount of money. However, maybe trained analysts use -10000 and I'm the ...


Now I try to cumulate the interest (for 1 month) with following formula: CUMIPMT(annualRate/12, loanYears*12, loanReceived, 1, 2, 0) - I receive 237 That formula is calculating the first two months. That is why the answer, 237, is about double the 119 from the first formula.

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