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On what basis do countries repay international loans?

There are only a small number of countries that have the privilege of borrowing money in a currency that they control. Chief among them are the US, Japan and the UK. Most other countries either don’t ...
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Why are these bond portfolio prices equal (case study on 2012 Greek debt restructuring)?

The thing is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The voluntary nature of the swap means that the investors could instead have sold their holdings elsewhere for a different consideration. ...
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Is it worth it to diversify the "risk-free" portion of a portfolio across multiple assets?

Is it worth it ... That all and only depends on how likely you think it is that the feds will default on their loan payments. If you really think it's likely, and you have so much money in US gov't ...
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Is Mexico on the verge of defaulting on parts it’s national debt before Andrés López Obrador take office?

Simply, this is a dual currency bond which means it is quoted in euro but to be paid back in Pesos : 1 EUR=23.23 MXN 23.23×4.5€=104.535MXN
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