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Well you could short Amazon's stock, either through a short sell or a put option, but both involve taking a new risk. I'm not sure that this additional risk offsets your existing risks that well. Perhaps a better approach would be to diversify your risks, by finding an additional revenue stream.


And since a Depression involves the whole Nation, Social Security will end, Correct? Social Security was started when FDR was president in the middle of the great depression. So you can't say it will end just because we have another depression. Are funds in 403b accounts in the event of a National Depression, such as in the 1920s, secure or are they ...


In the US we have SIPC insurance which covers the custodial function of a brokerage firm as well as as protection against unauthorized trading or account theft. It provides up to $500,000 in total coverage per customer for lost or missing assets of cash and/or securities. It covers up to $250k of cash. Securities can be transferred from broker to ...

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