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Yes, you can have it sent to your house via a paper check in the mail. From You have several options for receiving your federal individual income tax refund: Paper Check: By paper check sent to the address listed on your return.


You didn't specify a jurisdiction. According to (Canada)'s conditions of use: Risk of loss and title for items purchased from pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier or, if such items must cross an international border, then risk of loss and title pass to you when they clear customs. Unambiguously, then, Amazon has no ...


This actually happens quite a bit in the other direction. That is, people leave money with companies (especially banks and insurance companies) and for some reason don't reclaim it. US law is very clear in that instance: the money never becomes theirs. In the event that the rightful owner can't be found, the law of escheat says that the money reverts to the ...

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