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They will ask for you receipt to process the return, and then refund whatever is on the receipt. So you will be refunded $80, not $100. As you have seen, this allows you to circumvent the minimum purchase size. On higher value items, or if this sort of behavior occurs often, the store may have a policy of refunding only the entire lot.


A shop/business that hasn't figured out how to address this issue, will soon run into a cash flow problem. In the past in the days of non-computerized sales receipts it would be possible to convince a young store employee to refund the higher priced one. But with the modern POS systems, the computer should quickly grasp the correct amount to refund. You ...


There is no universal answer. Every company is free to set their own terms. Check the fine print or contact the company. Usually, companies are smart enough to avoid those situations. For example, if you sign up for a "Buy One Get One Free" deal, you can't return the paid one and keep the free one. You should also consider whether or not return shipping ...


Depends on the store and conditions for the discount. As an example the grocery store occasionally has sales like this and require return of all products for a refund. For example, if 12 packs of Coke are on sale for "4 for $10 - must buy 4", the receipt will say "all items required for return". Sometimes the sale doesn't have the "must buy 4" requirement ...

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