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There is no banking process in the world which requires you to share your "security info" (passwords, PINs, TANs, mother's maiden name or other authentication factors) with a third party. No bank anywhere in the world will tell you that there is any situation whatsoever where you are supposed to give those secrets to anyone but them. No bank anywhere in ...


There is only one answer to this. Wire the money. International transfer of money from Norway works very well and has decently low costs. Any other transfer method will either make you lose money or get a visit from anti-money-laundering law enforcers.


This answer isn't going to tell you how to determine if this is a scam, and is assuming that your bank and the other bank can do this across borders and with different currencies. In general one bank will need the routing number of the bank and the account number that is being linked. They then send one or more micro transactions to verify that the numbers ...

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