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Can I use my (Nevada) 529 plan for graduate, and by extension undergraduate, school applications?

State vs. federal Given that the plan is state-dependent, yet schools are located nationally, I don't believe that this is a correct statement of the plan status. A 529 plan is established as an ...
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Why are Nevada pink sheet stocks particularly risky?

The relationship between corporations and their shareholders is, in most respects, governed by the laws of the state in which they are incorporated. Some states afford greater rights to the management ...
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Strange electricity charges on apartment move-in & move-out

You mention "estimated" months, but my experience (with only one utility company) with something they call budget billing is that they divide predicted costs across the 12 month period, but ...
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Can I sell my Nevada LLC's remaining inventory to myself at liquidation prices to avoid high sales tax?

This would by definition be a form of tax evasion. You could discount the goods, but only up to a point as defined by your local commerce laws. The general rule of thumb (superseded by local/state ...
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Does a Legalzoom service that provides a physical report qualify for Use tax?

In Nevada, Use Tax (and Sales Tax) only apply to "tangible personal property transferred for value". In other words, it doesn't apply to services rendered, only to tangible products purchased. The ...
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