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Mostly dupe I am 66 and am not yet enrolled in Social Security or Medicare Part A or B. I am currently employed and have a HSA and more linked there (and Stack wishes you to look at and benefit from already-answered questions) but this has some different elements. First, if by 'qualify' you mean become eligible -- i.e. you will reach age 65 (or reach 24 ...


You're off to a good start in figuring things out. Here's a resource on low income people and Medicare. Here's one on Medicare Advantage - "Part C" private plans, some of which have a monthly premium of $0. The tougher battle might be to sell the idea to your Dad. Find a pitch that will work, e.g. "I will find all the benefits that are free ...


I would suggest that you read the info available at the Medicare web site. It will give you a much better idea of what the different parts entail. It also addresses the penalties for late sign up for Part A and Part B.

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