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“Peer pressure” is an awfully bad reason for marriage. Cost of child rearing: For the money you pay, you get the enjoyment of seeing your kids growing up. You decide if it’s worth it. If you don’t want children, don’t get married to someone who doesn’t 100% agree. Financial risk due to divorce: Don’t underestimate the risk that you might get married to a ...


There are situations where I'd advise against marriage for financial reasons, but never for it if your heart isn't in it. It sounds like you aren't ready for marriage and finances shouldn't even be part of the equation.


Your concern is that someone ("an ex wife") may take some of Brother's assets. Unfortunately, if Brother has cash money in the bank owns real estate owns stocks and bonds has valuables such as gemstones has everyday items such as cars, boats No matter what "mix of stuff" Brother has, as assets, those assets can be chased by another ...

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