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Can limit buy order be a taker?

The simple answer is that of course a limit order can be a taker otherwise no one would ever pay taker fees and every order would be a limit to avoid fees. The maker fee rules will include a minimum ...
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How to simulate a stop-limit order, stop-loss, and take-profit in backtesting?

No, your assumptions about the stop-limit order are not correct. A "Stop Limit" order is basically a stop-loss order with a safety limit. It means: after reaching the stop price, you place a ...
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buy limit order is filled by matching with a sell limit order,

Time and sales shows volume, price, direction, date, and time data for executed trades. Since a trade involves a buy and a sell, you cannot label it one or the other. However, some platforms will ...
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Is it normal that some brokers don't post orders to exchanges?

Depends. When routing your order through pools first (e.g. you broker does PFOF, https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/paymentoforderflow.asp) the Order would indeed not show up on the exchange. ...
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How does a stock's order book determine which trades to execute first?

why would anyone choose to create a market order since giving a bid slightly higher than the current bid price but lower than the asking price is always better value (considering the market is highly ...
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