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You could offer less. You must be prepared to walk away at that point though, as the seller is within their rights to completely withdraw the sale. When I bought my property, the conveyancer advised me not to proceed due to non standard construction. I wanted the house anyway as it was better than other properties i'd looked at. I called the Estate ...


You are proposing to gazunder. I can't speak for what might be 'best' for you personally, but I don't know of anyone who thinks this is a noble practice. how would it be best to approach this Tell your conveyancer to tell the seller's conveyancer. Both these parties might try and talk you out of it.


Halifax have blocked my stocks and shares ISA because I live in Germany. I realise I can't invest more funds in the ISA but I think I should be able to buy and sell shares within the ISA wrapper. My view is that this goes against the spirit of the ISA regulations and is quite possibly illegal. The Government say I should be able to retain the ISA and ...


Simply sell a portion (or all) of your S&S LISA holdings. The cash generated from the sale will still be held in your S&S LISA, albeit with no interest. Or, if you want to keep your holdings, just top-up your S&S LISA with cash as usual and simply don't invest it.

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