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Yes. For example this Investors Chroncile article cites a number of overseas-focused ETFs as options to put in an ISA. 10 passive funds for your ISA Individual providers will be able to confirm the position for specific funds.


Anything held in an ISA is tax sheltered and therefore subject to the tax reliefs (income tax, no Capital Gains tax etc.) This is true even when you hold stocks of non-UK countries directly, e.g. Microsoft. There are some types of investment that cannot be held in an ISA (for example, until August 2013 you were not allowed to hold AIM stocks within an ISA)....


Most probably you can. As you don't own the SPV outright you probably can. If you owned a company or had a trust that owned residential property that you are (or were) able to live in, you're also not considered a first-time buyer. SOURCE

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